Manage Effects, Titles, Generators and Transitions

With FCPXManager you can easily enable or disable any motion template ("Fx") in Final Cut Pro. You can also add various custom information to search the plugins you need for a particular project or task, or store documentation, tutorial or any other important data attached to your plugins. And FCPXManager can fix broken Fx in your projects.

You will be able to create groups to automate enabling or disabling based on your current project. FCPXManager can also automatically create groups from existing project so that you can enable only the effects you need for that project.

See below the key functions, or go to the capabilities page for detailed information on all current and future capabilities. You can test all functions for free during the trial period. More information on the download page.

Key functions

FCPXManager allow you to:

  • Create groups for your common set of "Fx" you want to enable or disable
  • Enter various data on each "Fx" such as documentation, notes, url, ranking, etc.
  • Attach categories to each "Fx" to organize them by task, or usage, or anything else
  • Create and store advanced search filters on any data with multiple criteria including categories
  • Create group from FCPX XML project file to enable easily "Fx" needed for a project
  • Fix broken Fx in your project, either by patching your XML project file, or with link creation to just make your project work.
  • Support FxFactory plugins and open directly FxFactory "Fx" page with one click
  • Create copies of your favorite plugins to access them quickly in one place
  • Handle automatic update of "Fx" when they are disabled including to favorite copies