FCPXManager license information and pricing

In order to purchase or manage your license of FCPXManager, you must open the license management page exclusively from the FCPXManager application, either with tools menu or within the About box.

Note: None of the license options will automatically re-bill, you will have to manually order an extension.  

The different type of license

There is 3 type of license you can use Trial/Free, Temporary or Lifetime.

: Any purchase, extension or upgrade of a license will give you access to the latest version of the application.

Trial or Free license

Trial is the default license you get when installing the application, it will expire after 1 month. When expired you can still use the application and save data entered on each Fx, but you can not apply to disk any enable/disable changes. You can request a Free license to remove trial messages if the if Free license limitations are enough for your usage.

Temporary licenses

Temporary license are for users that want to test further before purchase or that are not sure to use the application for a long time. User will have to manually renew license (no automatic re-bill).

  • 1 month temporary license ( 0.99 Eur ) : This option will extend duration of your license by one month either from current date or previous license end date (what ever is the latest).
  • 1 year temporary license ( 4.99 Eur ) : This option will extend duration of your license by one month either from current date or previous license end date (what ever is the latest).
Note: If you own an old Lifetime license you can purchase on top of it a new temporary license at a reduce price (1.99 Eur for one year) or at any time upgrade your Lifetime license to new version (see below).

Lifetime license

Lifetime license never expire but are limited to the version you purchased. They can be upgraded at a low price to the latest version. When you purchase a lifetime version, any new version within 12 months will be a free of charge upgrade for you.
After 12 months you can either continue to use as is, or upgrade your lifetime version, or even purchase on top a temporary license for new version with an automatic fallback to your lifetime version when your new temporary license expire.

  • Lifetime license ( 13.99 Eur ) : This option will give you a new lifetime license for current version.
  • Upgrade Lifetime license ( 5.99 Eur ) : This option will upgrade your existing old lifetime version to current version. This upgrade is free and automatic when new version is within 12 months of purchase.

To avoid manual renewal it is recommended to have a Lifetime license.

"Lifetime license" is really lifetime...

You can continue to use the application as you were doing even after installing a new version of the application. Only new functions not included in your original version will not activate until you upgrade. If you don't need them you don't need to upgrade and can still install new versions to benefit from other smaller evolution and bug fixes

What is "fallback license" ? 

Your fallback licensed version does not mean you need to install this version, it only indicates the functions you can or can not use. Refer to the capabilities list to check the list of functions that may not work with your fallback version.