FCPXManager license status and order

Note: None of the license options will automatically re-bill, you will have to manually order an extension. Temporary license are for users that want to test further before purchase or that are not sure to use the application for a long time. To avoid manual renewal it is recommended to have a Lifetime license.  

As you did not open this page from the application a license KSv5gmdtcoeMzYnY has been generated. Make sure to copy and keep this license number, you will need to paste it inside the application in the about box using the change button.

Your licence KSv5gmdtcoeMzYnY is not attached to a computer id yet.
Your current license is not registered yet .
If you renew your license today it will automatically upgrade to last version 1.2.1.
You can select a duration for the new license or make it Lifetime for current version.
You can ask for a free license by email if this is enough for you ( see limitations).

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License type
licence number

Make sure to copy your license number above in case you want to move it to another computer. If you lost it, contact support.

If you have any issue with your license please contact support@fcpxmanager.com and provide your computer id and license id. Click here to send an email with those information.

"Lifetime license" is really lifetime...

It will never expire and you can continue to use the application as you were doing even after installing a new version of the application. Only new functions not included in your original version will not activate until you upgrade. If you don't need them you don't need to upgrade and can still install new versions to benefit from other smaller evolution and bug fixes.

Your fallback licensed version does not mean you need to install this version, it only indicates the functions you can or can not use. Refer to the capabilities list to check the list of functions that may not work with your version.